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Pa ngädhHe is just a person with disgus3.
Pa ngädhøNot hopeful4.5.5.2Lack respect
pa ngijunrecognized3.2.6.2Recognize
pa nyän1not new3., unknown
Pa pädhiNot fitting8.
Pa pärNot equal (even)
pa pïdtireless person2.4.1Strong
Pa rëbi1Opposite8. be connected3.2.4.3Mysterious
Pa rømiIn sofficient8.1.7.2Lack
pa rømmiunthoughtfull3.2.7.2Hopeless
Pa rwöm1Not concurrent8. the same3.2.4.3Mysterious
Pa teegEasy to do8.1.7Enough
Pa wöödøNot respectful4.5.5.2Lack respect
pa yielrelentless3.4.2.3Angry
pa yodunknown3.2.6.2Recognize
Pa yod1Lost completly3.2.4.3Mysterious2Will not be gotten3.2.3Know
Pa-laawøCapital of the Government4.6Government
päädmilk that comes after colstrum6.3.3Milk
paad reetogether3.4.1.1Like, love
päädhdeath in cnnection with chief1.4.1Dead things
päädhø2fallen down7.9Break, wear out
päädø1to regret3.3.3.1Suggest2hard shell1.6.3.1Egg
PäädøTo relief or release from position4.6.1Ruler
paal ngyënyspoon6.6.2.3Working with metal