Shilluk - English


bung-dhwängno fashion2.6.6.4Mourn
bungi-nëëni këtend of existence2.6.6.8Life after death
bur1ash5.5.5What fires produce5.6Cleaning2a hole in the ground7.8.6Dig
BurOpen ground8.3.2.5Furrow
bur ki kyëdhdust and cow's urine5.4.3.3Dye hair
bur kwarøredred dust5.4.3.3Dye hair
Buri døjHarmony4.6.6.2Diplomacy
Buri kalHouse hold meeting4. justice
Buri nyiimëggKins meeting4. justice
Buri ødCouple meeting4. justice
Buri pajVillage court4. justice
Buri tängi nywömDivorce trial4.7.4Court of law
Buri tyëng a akørParliament4.6.6.5Politics
burø1unburnt grass6.5.1.4Yard2court4.7.6Judge, render a verdict6.5.1Building3meeting2.6.6.7Inherit4.2.1.5Meeting, assembly3.5.1.4Speak with others4court (of judgement)
Burø1Way he live8.3.5.1Nature, character2A meeting4.5.4.6Rebel against authority
butcreeping thorny plant1.5.1Tree
buudøshellfish1.6.1.9Small animals
buugspraying medicine by hand6.3.8Veterinary science
buur1pits6.4.2Trap2hole or burrow1.6.5Animal home
buurøhas not used oil on skin after bath5.4.2Cosmetics
bwanyøpapaya6.2.1.7Growing trees