ó-2V > ???pfxNominalócaløcomp.der.NAfrican Swallow-tailed Kite; also known as scissor-tailed kiteChelictinia riocourii1.6.1.2Birdógöjjìcomp.cfógööjiNAfrican Hawk Eagles1.6.1.2Birdóløglájcomp.Nbladder2.1.8Internal organs2.2.7Urinate, urineólyewikärøcomp.Npied wagtail; it eats worms in recently plowed land1.6.1.2Birdóbanøder.cfobännïNthe front part of a cloth covering woman from waist down5.3.2Women's clothing6.6.1.1Clothóbidhder.Ncone shape like a roof or fishing spear head8.3.1Shape8.3.1.6Roundókeejder.Nfirst months of pregnancy2.6.3.1Pregnancyótha yäyunspec. comp. formNrower7.ówajøunspec. comp. formNson of my aunt on the father's side4.

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