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acjandNambagɩla nɛ sie a mʋ gɩrɩŋ.The hunter got up and went to the bush.
a chɩŋcfa lɩɩa yie suomitempsinceA chɩŋ chʋchʋɔŋ kala mɩ ha bɩ kɩaa die.Since morning I have not eaten anything.a chɩŋ ... kaa kɔfrom ... untilA chɩŋ chʋchʋɔŋ kaa kɔ mɩ ha bɩ lɩɩŋ nyʋa.From morning until now I have not drunk any water.
a chɩŋ ... nɩsɩŋ lɛtempright from ...A chɩŋ Kanton nɩsɩŋ lɛ a kaa kɔ jɩnɩŋ Sɩsaa tinteeŋ sɩma.From the time of (chief) Kanton up to now it is well with the Sisaala land.
a lɩɩcfa chɩŋa yie suomitemp1sincea lɩɩ chʋchʋɔŋ a kaa mʋ dɩdaanɩŋfrom morning to evening2from ... onwardsA lɩɩ jɩnɩŋ a kaa mʋ mɩ bɩra bɩ jaŋ gaa.From today on I will not steal any more.
a mʋ tɩgɛ ... lɛcj phrconcerning, aboutƲ magɛ namaga a mʋ tɩgɛ baal la sɩ mʋ Kʋmasɩ lɛ.He told a proverb about the man who went to Kumasi.Vɛŋ lɩma a mʋ tɩgɛ nɩalɩŋ lɛ.Go quickly so that you can catch up with the others.
a yie suomicfa chɩŋa lɩɩtempsinceA yie suomi dɩa mɩ bɩ sɩgaarɛ nyʋa.Since yesterday I have not had a cigarette.
aaptcand, continuous particle
-aan sxsfxplural ending
aarɩŋngrass-cutter, cane rat1.
abɛ tɩan(Twi) oil palm, date palm1.5.1Tree
abɩrɩbɛn(Twi) pineapple1.5.5Parts of a plant
adʋanshort funeral prayer of Muslims4.9.5.4Religious ceremony(Hs.)
agbadanrobe, mostly worn by Muslims5.3Clothing
agɩsɩŋcfpɩɩŋnyam1.5.5Parts of a plant
ahɩrɩan(Twi) sugar-cane1.5.5Parts of a plant
exclno9.2Part of speech
akarɩmanofficial player of the talking drumsakarɩmatalking-drummer2Person(Twi)
akurokuexcloh, what a wonder!
Alaamisin(Hs.) Thursday8. of the week
alabarɩkaexclplease reduce/increase the price, used in bargaining6.9.3Marketing(Hs.)
alabasanonion1.5.5Parts of a plant(Hs.)
Alarɩban(Hs.) Wednesday8. of the week
alefunalefu (amaranthus)1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
alipileŋnaeroplane, airplane

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