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daptcat all, used in neg. emph. clauses onlyMɩ bɩ jaŋ mʋ Kʋmasɩ da.I will not go to Kumasi at all.
daav1to take care of, look afterLa faa daa nɛsɩŋ nɛ.We were shepherding the cattle. care of something2to stalkNaachigiŋ daa bagɩl la.The lion was stalking the antelope.
daachaganforked stick6.6.3.2Wood
daachaŋɩŋnchewing stick
daadoluŋna bar of wood, log6.6.3.2Wood
daagɛv1to spreadNyiniŋ jaŋ daagɛ ʋ baga.The fire will spread to his farm., smear2to involveYuosila daagɛ bile arɩ ʋ naaŋ kala.The quarrel involved both the child and his mother.Sunnuŋ daagɛ ʋ ma nɛ.Poverty has stricken him also.3to infect (a disease)Ŋ wurila daagɛmɛ nɛ.I caught your cold.2.5Health
daagɛsɛncross, crossed sticks6.6.3.2Wood
daajaalɩŋnplace where firewood is found
daakɛnnɛnthe one who leads a blind person2Person
daaliimiŋnshadow, image8.
daalinenshrine(pot with medicine with another pot on top upside down)
daalɩɛrɩdaaŋntwin figurecarved in memorial of one or both twins who did not survive infancy
daalɩɛrɩŋn1twins, a pair2Person2matching objects
daalumpupoiŋnmedicine-pot, shrine (without medicine)2.5Health
daaluŋŋaaracfdaalusuŋ tɩɩnanmedicine man, herbalist2.5Health
daalusuŋ tɩɩnacfdaaluŋŋaaranmedicine man, herbalist2.5Health
daamɛcfwalɩmɛv(Hs.) to trouble, bother, pesterPʋpɔ dɩ ŋ sɩ́ nɩalɩŋ daamʋ.See that you do not trouble the people.
daamɩɩŋnlong strong stick used as rafters6.6.3.2Wood
daanyaŋgalɩŋnstick with many branches6.6.3.2Wood
daanyʋɔsʋŋnfavour, grace, help4.3.4.2Help
daaŋn1wood, stick, beam6.6.3.2Wood2handle
daaŋ chɛpɛɛlɩŋnday before a big celebration, eve8.4.1.2Day
daapalɩhɔnnɔna woman who during a funeral sits by and tends the representation2.6.6.3Funeral
daapalɩŋnplace where the corpse or “guŋguŋ” is put during a funeral2.6.6.3Funeral