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cfdienivto remainMɩ gbɛrɛ baal la aŋ ka ʋ wa dɩa lɛ.I waited for the man but he remained in his house.
wàav1to growBile lɛɛlɛ waa nɛ.The child is grown now., get bigger2to live, exist, surviveDɩ kudiilee tuo, nʋʋkala bɩ waa.Without food nobody can survive.2Person
waabiiŋ/waaŋnguinea worm disease1.6.1.9Small animals
waadɩmɩŋnintestinal worm1.6.1.9Small animals
waalɛcfwaasɛwurisivto pour (liquid) on, over sth. (also waasɛ, cf. wurisi 2)Joŋ lɩɩ la waalɛ gaarɩ la.Go and water the garden.
waapʋʋŋnrash (disease)2.5Health2.5.2Disease
waarɩŋncold, coldness2.5Health
Waarɩŋ Chɛnɛncold month (roughly December/January)8.4.1Period of time
waasɛcfwaalɛwurisiv1to pour overJoŋ dɩsɩŋ waasɛ miiri la.Pour soup over the rice.2to boilBa chɔ pɩaa nɛ ba wʋwaasɛ.They cooked yam and it is boiling.
waawulumbiiŋn1annona tree1.5.1Tree2small beetle1.6.1.7Insect
waawulumbiwienan insect1.6.1.7Insect
waazun(Hs.) Moslem burial rites4.9Religion
wagɛv1to part, open sth. a littleDʋʋlʋŋ kɛŋ pɩpaarɩŋ wagɛ a jʋʋ pɩŋ doŋ.The python pushed the leaves apart and settled down to sleep.2to rummage through sth.Mɩ jaŋ wagɛ bukuba la, a na buku la mɩ sɩɩ chɛ.I will rummage through the books to find the one I want.
wahalan(Hs) trouble4.4.2Trouble
wajɩan1champion2maker of powerful medicine, person who makes frequent use of a shrine2Person
walɛsɩn(Eng.) wireless, radio, tape recorder3.5.9.6Communication devices
walɩmamod vto try, attemptMá mʋ walɩma na.Go and try., attempt
walɩmɛcfdaamɛvto trouble, bother, disturbSɩ́ baal la walɩmʋ.Do not trouble the man.4.4.2Trouble
walɩŋna catfish1.6.1.5Fish
wananacffagɛ fagɛparatataadj/advto be bright (a lamp)Chaaŋ la ŋaa wanana.The lamp is very bright.Chaaŋ la cholo nɛ wanana.The lamp shines very brightly.8.3.3Light
wansɛcftorisivto pour sth. out (from a container)Wansɛ tɔbɔ pɩmɛ.Pour some tobacco powder out for me.
wanzaŋn1hair shaver2Person2person who performs male or female circumcisionHausa
wara waraadjrough, stonyLeela ŋaa wara wara nɛ.The place is very rocky.
wasa liisiv phrto reviseMá leŋ la wasa liisi wɩalɩŋ la sɩ gʋnna.Let us revise what we learnt.3.2.6Remember