Chizigula - English



sumanimberekoNG51dragon image(s)Sidaha kufofa sumanimbereko.I can construct a dragon image.Sumanimbereko zino chifofire suwe zisola namba.These dragon images that we created took a number (i.e., won a prize).2dinosaur image(s)See: mbereko.
sumbulugutuNG5lizard(s), kind ofSumbulugutu ina mwire.[This] lizard is delicious.Sumbulugutu zitogola matuwa.[These] lizards like bushes.See: mbulu.
sumoVNegdon'tSumo muwavinire!Don't dance for them!See alternate pronunciations: sono, simo.This is a negative command form.
sumuNG51poison(ous)Mnyonyo uno ni sumu.This castor plant is poison(ous).Mazi yano ni sumu.This water is poison(ous).Chisuse ni sumu.The scorpion is poison(ous).(ma)bwiribwiri sumupoisonous spider(s)See: chitungulu sumu.2pollutionI sumu yadaha kuhungula mallahi ya mo mto uno.The pollution can decrease fish in this river.
sumu ya manyasiNG5herbicide(s)Sumu ya a manyasi yarheba i virigwa kuhotesa.Herbicide prevents the crops from sprouting up a lot.
sumu ya waduduNG5insecticide(s)Hamunge sumu ya wadudu nkhonde yenyu mnailima vedi.You won't need insecticide on your farm if you cultivate it well.
sumuniNG5eighth (1/8)Mo mfuko sina hata sumuni.In my pocket I don't even have an eighth [of a shilling].In Somalia, an eighth often refers to an eighth of a shilling.
sunaNG51sunnah: ample (of Mohammad's)Ni suna kudura ndevuIt's an example (of Mohammad's) to grow a beard.Chiremba ni suna.A turban is an example (of Mohammad's).Kuvala chiremba ni suna ya Mchume.To wear a turban is an example from the Prophet.In Islam, Sunnah are the traditions and practices of the prophet, Muhammad, that constitute a model for Muslims to follow. They are not laws or regulations but rather customs to be followed when possible.2sunnah: good deed(s)Kufuga ndevu ni suna.To grow a beard is a good deed.Kuvala gamisi ni suna.To wear a white thobe is a good deed.Kufunga somi siku ntratu mo u wiki ni suna.To fast three days a week is a good deed.
SundiNPropSundiDino ni duka dya Yusufu Sundi.This is Yusufu Sundi's's name
sungaNG5vegetable (very bitter)Sunga ni mboga ya manyasi i sungu zaidi."Sunga" is weed herb that is really bitter.This plant is also used as a stomach medicine.
sunguAdj1bitterNyama ino i sungu. / I sungu.This meat is bitter. / It's bitter.I gahawa i sungu.The coffee is bitter.Yembe dino di sungu.This mango is bitter.See: usungu.2painfulChisuse chi sungu.The scorpion is painful.
sunguraNG5hare(s)Sungura ni kabuga tú, lakini ni katali na kana magutwi matali zaidi.A hare is just like a rabbit, but it is tall and has really long ears.
sungusunguNG5ant(s), big blackSungusungu zaluma zinakuluma.Big black ants hurt when they bite you.These ants are big and dangerous.
sungwiNG5gall bladder(s)Wamanya vivihi kama chando cha manyonje yako ni sungwi yako?How do you know if the source of your illnesses are your gallbladder?Sungwi za haiwani na za wanadamu ni zimwenga.Animal and human gallbladders are similar.
SungwiniNPropSungwiniMze Sungwini ni mta ilimu.Mr. sungwini is knowledgeable.
Suni (Masuni)NG1SunniYuno ni Sufi; nami ni Suni.This one is Sufi and I am Sunni.Wadya ni Masuni nami ni Suni.Those are Sunnis and I am Sunni.
sunkhunyaNG5gizzard(s)Mwanadamu hana sunkhunya ila madege tú.A human doesn't have a gizzard but only birds.
suqo< SomNG51stew(s)Sitogola kudya majabhati na suqo.I like to eat chapatis with stew.The q here is a gamma [ɣ], a voiced velar fricative.2curry (-ies)Sidaha kupika sugho.I know how to cook curry.Chose chatumiya wazungu chikapika suqo.We all use little pots when we cook curry.3sauceI bhasta ikologanywa na suqo.The pasta has been mixed in with sauce.I suqo ikombwa ni a wana.The sauce has been licked clean by the kids [from their plates].
sura< ArbNG51subject(s)Sura ye di dhiksheneri ni Chizikula.The subject of the dictionary is Kizigua.Sura zangu za kwe skulu zihuha.My subjects at school are easy.2topic(s)Luhizo kachinkha mifano yedi kuhusu sura za dyero.Luhizo gave us good examples concerning today's topics.3lesson(s)Sura ino sifahamishwa vedi ni mwalimu wangu.This lesson I was made to understand well by my teacher.Salimu aghefesa sura yake.Solomon is misdoing his lesson a lot.Sura ino ighefeswa ni Salimu.This lesson has been misdone by Solomon a lot.4assignment(s)Luvi mwalimu angodya madyibu ya sura zino.Tomorrow the teacher is waiting for answers for these assignments.Sizaganywa ni sura zino.I got flummoxed by these assignments.5chapter(s)This noun only means chapter in reference to the Quran.6appearance(s)Sura yangu ni yedi.My appearance is good.Sura zangu ni zedi.My appearances [all over] are good.
suruwale ~ surwaleNG51pantsSurwale yangu ichabala.My pants are wet.Sidyeza surwale.I tried on pants.Ihute wingaze surwale!Wash the pants cleaning them completely!Sisakaza suruwale yangu.I've worn out my pants.Surwale yangu ina mpindo.My pants have a hemline.Surwale ino yanifaya.These pants fit.2trousersSurwale ino chigudi chake ni chikulu.The waist of these trousers is big.Kwa viya ni mta charahani, nna mikumbulu mingi ya suruwale na gorgora.Because I'm a tailor, I have a lot of waistbands for trousers and underskirts.3shortsKoho yangu yaunga nkhazu na suruwale zi hawadyi.My team needs t-shirts and shorts that are orange.
suruwalelungoNG5slacksMisumo ya jenisi na suruwalelungo ni tafauti.The weaves of jeans and slacks are different.Suruwale zangu zose ni suruwalelungo.All my pants are slacks.Suruwalelungo yangu naikosha.My slacks, I'm missing them.Suruwalelungo zango zose ni chafu.All my slacks are dirty.Suruwalelungo zango zose zi hundu.All my slacks are red.See: lungo.
surwale njihiNG5shortsKatogola kuvala suruwale njihi mida ya zuwa.He likes to dress in shorts in the summer.
susulaAdj1listlessMboga ino ni susulu.This soup is listless.2tastelessRoti dino ni susula.This bread is tasteless.3saltlessNyama ino ni susula.This meat is saltless.
suti< EngNG5suit(s)Kila mgambirizadyi navale suti.Each interpreter should wear a suit.Suti yangu ifuira; nanite na mbwani kwe kazi?My suit has faded; what will I go to work with?Zanabu kaleta maguwo mengi ya kusumira suti na surwale.Zanabu brought a lot of large cloths to sew suits and pants.
suwaNG5dove(s)Natega suwa.I'm setting traps for doves.Kugwiza suwa ningahi?How many doves did you trap?Suwa igwizwaThe dove got caught in a trap.Suwa zigwizwa.The doves got caught in a trap.Suwa zangu zifakatisa.My doves really got away.