ha haliVLocStnot there (be)Mgosiwe he hali. / He hali. NG1Her husband isn't there. / He's not here.Hawe hali.They're not there.Mti hau hali. / Hau hali. NG2The tree isn't there. / It's not there.Miti hai hali. / Hai hali.The trees aren't there. / They're not there.Idi kompyuta hadi hali. / Hadi hali . NG3The computer isn't there. / It's not there.A makompyuta haya hali. / Haya hali.The computers aren't there. / They're not there.Chiti hachi hali. / Hachi hali. NG4The chair isn't there. / It's not there.Viti havi hali. / Havi hali.The chairs aren't there. / They're not there.I shaba hai hali. NG5The pot is not there.This is a verb phrase consisting of the negative prefix ha- followed by a locative stative verb agreeing with its subject in number and gender, followed by hali 'there'. None of the elements in the phrase can be said in isolation, even ha+ hali can't be said without a locative stative verb with ha- as its prefix. See the examples above.

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