egu1AdvwishfullyEgu nagonire.I wish I could've slept. = I should've slept.Egu sagonire. / Egu sanigonire. I wish I hadn't slept. = I shouldn't have slept.Egu chagonire.I wish we could've slept. = We should've slept.Egu nalindire.I wish I would've hunted.Egu is an irrealis adverb used with subjunctive verbs in clauses expressing unreal situations, emphasizing wishfullness on the part of the speaker.2AdvwouldSibanwa ni i sheriya ama egu nikukome.I am constrained by the law; otherwise I would kill you.Egu nana mapesa, egu nigule nyumba.If I had money, I'd buy a house.Egu nana hakiri, egu nite koleji.If I had any smarts, I'd go to college.Egu namtogole, egu nimsole.If I loved her, I'd marry her.Egu nanitogole, egu nimsole.If she loved me, I'd marry her.Egu nana mbuzi, egu nichinje nigaluke na idi.If I had a goat, I'd butcher it and have a feast.In unreal conditionals, the conditional clause is marked with egu and the conditional prefix na-; the unreal main clause is also marked with egu.3Advmight Egu napatire mwana chiche.I might've gotten a girl.Sisaidiywa ni Mwaliko, male egu nife.I was saved by Mwaliko; otherwise I might have died.4Intrrgright?Sikukonga miye mwiko, egu?I wasn't the one who started it, absolutely not, right?

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