na (kuna, hakuna)21VThaveNna swali.I have a question.Una chintru?What (thing) do you have?Nna wabuga wengi.I have a lot of rabbits.Nna wavere waidi / watatu / wanne.I have two / three / four wives.Una hakiri.You have wisdom.Wana wano wana balidi.These kids have a fever.Nyama ina mwire.The meat has deliciousness (= is delicious).Msigita una mwire.The jerky has deliciousness (= is delicious).Dyero china wezadyi.Today, we have visitors.Sina wambuya wengi.I don't have many friends.Sina bahati.I don't have any luck.Usazi wangu una mola.My bed has springs.Dyodoro dyangu dina mola.My mattress has springs.Vigosi vose vina mavuzi.All pubic areas have pubic hair.Mbudyi zangu zina sauti yedi.My rattles have a nice sound.Wantru wengi hawana uvumulivu male.Many people don't have any patience at all.This verb is highly irregular and not a normal transitive verb. In the present it takes no tense affixes; it is related to kugaluka na 'be with' on some level.2VTcontainSigala buyu dina mazi.I carry a calabash that contains water.Chitombo cha ngamira china mere mengi.The udder of a camel contains a lot of milk.3VExstthere is/areMdani mwe Ifo mna mabambo mengi.In Ifo there are a lot of vultures.Momo mna meza.In it there is a table.Mno mdani mna nafasi.In here there is space.See: kuna.

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