haaPrtyesKumtogola yeye? -- Haa.Do you like him/her? -- Yes.Kudugwa? -- Haa, sidugwa.Are you buried? -- Yes, I'm buried.Maiti yadugwa? -- Haa (yadugwa).Is the corpse buried? -- yes (it's buried).Kwasigwa? -- Haa, sasigwa.Are you divorced? -- Yes, I'm divorced.Wazana ni wadyima? -- Haa, wazana ni wadyima.Are the kids healthy? -- Yes, the kids are fine.Waunga usame? -- Haa, nansame.Do you want to move? -- Yes, I'll move.Wi tiyari? -- Haa.Are you ready? -- Yes.Kwaga? -- Haa, saga.Are you lost? -- Yes, I'm lostWeye wi mwali? -- Haa, ni mwali.Are you secluded? -- Yes, I'm secluded.Waunga uhande wa nyama? -- Haa.Do you want a piece of meat? -- Yes.Weye nouchigalukire mvigita? -- Haa.Will you be the thrower for us? -- Yes.Vitungulu venyu vasuka? -- Haa, vitungulu vasuka.Are your onions germinating? -- Yes, the onions are germinating.Kudaha (kulonga) Chizigula? -- Haa.Do you know (how to speak) Kizigua? -- Yes.

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