dakika (madakika)NG3minuteNi saa mnane na dakika mirongo mitatu na mtandatu.It's two o'clock (= eight o'clock pm Chizigula time) and thirty-six minutes.Ni saa na dakika mirongo minne na shano za chiro.It's eight forty-five in the evening. (= two forty-five pm Chizigula time)Sikawa dakika kumi na shano.I was fifteen minutes late.Dyero siza halaka dakika kumi na shano.Today I came fifteen minutes early.Albai katumbula suwa kumi kwa dakika shano.Albai gutted ten doves in five minutes.Nanitowe chisetu kwa dakika kumi na shano.I'll take a nap for fifteen minutes.The plural prefix ma- is often dropped in rapid speech in time phrases.

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