dakadakaNG5hide-n-seek game(s)Wanangu wavina dakadaka kweise na madyirani.My kids are playng hide-n-seek outside with the neighbors.Chavina dakadaka, lakini hano hahana usumkiro.We're playing hide-n-seek, but here there is no hiding place.This game is usually played at night, and it uses seven words that currently have no meaning, either because they are now obsolete or were borrowed from another language. Each word is said as one person touches the different players: dakadaka (first player touched), damsume (second one touched), dinaniyo (third one touched), o'o (forth one touched), deyase (fifth one touched), kidamdamo (sixth one touched), dangeska (seventh one touched). Whoever gets touched when dangeska is said, gets to go hide. This goes on until the last two people are left. The one who doesn't get dangeska has to seek the others now hiding. Compare this game with hiro, which is played in the daytime without the touching words noted above.

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