Idi ya MphembeNG5Horn CelebrationMwe Idi ya Mphembe wagosi na wavere wachafulana.In the Horn Celebration, men and women get each other dirty.Nagasa maivu ya kumwagiira wana chiche mwe Idi ya Mphembe.I mixed ashes [with water] for splashing girls within the Horn Celebration.Chichafulisana mwe Idi ya Mphembe.We got each other really dirty in the Horn Celebration.Simwagirwa mazi ya kununkha ni mwana chiche mtana mwe Idi ya Mphembe.I got splashed with stinky water by a pretty girl in the Horn Celebration.This is a traditional joking celebration by young people pouring dirty water on each other from horn vases.Mphembe is an archaic form of modern hembe.

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