ka-1Vpfx1heKachitogola chose.He likes all of us.Dektari kanisaidiya. / Kanisaidiya.The doctor cured me. / He/she cured me.Baba nakasana bundo.Grandfather engineered bridges.Ka- is the third person singular subject marker referencing NG1 in the aorist, definite past in na-, negatives; a- marks third person singular subjects in the definite (progressive) present in a- (a- + a- > a-), in the future in na-, and in relative clauses and commands.2sheKatogola nyumba ino.She likes this house.3itKabuga kadya kaguluka. / Kaguluka.That rabbit ran away. / It ran away.Nasikadya.I ate it (rabbit).Kabuga kadya nikadire. / Nikadire.That rabbit, I will eat it. / I will eat it.Nankakadya.I was eating it (rabbit).This is third person singular subject and object marker referencing N6.

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