maana1NG5meaning(s)Uswero maana yake ni mbwani?What is the meaning of "uswero"?Uswero maana yake ni zuwa uko dikulagala.The meaning of "uswero" is where the sun goes down.Kanidyamanyiza fenyo haina maana, nikaite kwake.He bragged to me without meaning, when I went to his place.Simanya maana ya kilima ino.I know the meaning of this word.Kilima ino ina maana mbiri.This word has two meanings.See: kwa maana, kumaanisha.2NG5reason(s)Maana ya kuleta kamera ino hano ni mbwani?What is the reason for bringing this camera here?Maana ya chiti chino ni mwikala.The reason for this chair is to sit.3NG5importance, important Kila wakalonga mbuli za maana.Every time they talk about important things.4NG5great valueMibongo yetu chinailetanya hamwenga, nachidyamanye mbuli ya maana.If we bring our minds together, we will do something of great value.Ninkha chintru china maana!Give me something that has great value!Galamu ino haina maana.This pen doesn't have great value.5ConjsinceNakaula wafaidishwa maana mali inigalukira nyingi.I'm looking for beneficiaries since wealth has become too much for me.

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