m- (mu- ~ mw-)-Vpfxyou (pl)Namudye a matunda.You (pl) will eat the fruit.(Nyose) mchilumiza.You (all) hurt us.Nyose mtogola malahi?You all like fish?Sono mmume!Don't (you all) mumble!Nyuwe mwi kuhi?Where are you (all)?Simtogolani nyose.I like you all.Hamtogoleni nyose male.He doesn't like (any of) you all at all.Bhulketi zino mzinyazisa.These bricks, you (all) dried them too much.Kamkahatani!She hates you all!Labda nawamkomeni.Maybe they will kill you all.Msafishisa dyero; mdyamanya kazi yedi.You have cleaned a lot today; you have done a good job.m- ~ mu > mw- / ___VThis prefix references second person plural subjects and objects. But also see wa-. Normally, the plural suffix -ni occurs on the verb to distinguish m- 'you (pl)' from m- 'him/her'.

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