-eVsfx1subjunctiveNanigoneI'll sleep.Nani vedi nagonire.It would have been good if I had slept.(Hita) Kagone!Go sleep (somewhere else)!Natogola nigone.I would like to sleep.Sono unisezigire!Don't make fun of me!Mshawaire!Forgive him/her!Michal aunga eze apike mbwani?What does Michal want to come and cook?Simtuma Kaziye asuntre i viya.I sent Kaziye to wash the dishes.Waunga miye nidyamanye au Jan adyamanye?Do you need me to do it or Jon to do it?This suffix replaces unmarked indicative -a in virtually all situations where the verb action has not occured or is not actually occuring, e.g., future, negative, irrealis, specific imperatives with the object marked on the verb (except when the object is ni- 'me' cp. ntongera! 'mimic me!', mtongere! 'mimic him/her!', chitongere! 'mimic us!', watongere! 'mimic them!') . It is also used in relative clauses.2negativeHagone.He/she doesn't/didn't sleep.Sigonire male.I couldn't sleep at all.Nagonire.I couldn't sleep.Viya vino havidahe kwasika; hano hana wabavi wengi.These items can't be left out; here there are a lot of thieves.3relative clause markerWano wose wekale hano ni wawandikadyi.All of these [people] who are sitting here are writers.Kabuga kadya kaguluke nake msanga.The rabbit that ran away was brown.Wantru wadya wehiye wafa.The people who were bad died.Mtru yuno nikahate kafa.This person that I hate died.Wira udya nitogole usira halaka.The song that I like ends fast.Nnyani adyamanye?Who is it that did it?Nnyani akupendire?Who is it that loved you?Bau diya dikunga didye mnyau dina hakiri.The hyena that wants to eat the cat has smarts.Mabau yadya yakunga yadye u mnyau yana hakiri.The hyenas that want to eat the cat have smarts.

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