ganiIntrrg1what?Una chintru gani?What (thing) do you have?Nani mda gani?What time was it?Walonga luga gani?What language(s) do you speak?Kwingira zambi gani? -- Singira zambi za ngono.What crime did you commit? -- I committed a sex crime.Nowize wakati gani luvi?What time are you coming tomorrow?This form is always used after a head noun.2which?Nani mida gani?Which seasons was it?Ni dektari gani akutibiye?Which doctor is it that is treating you?See: namna gani?3what kind of?Mtru gani?What kind of person [is it]?Kuna masa gani?What kind of dispute is there?Una dili gani?What kind of deal do you have?4why?Mwanao agalagala gani?Why is your child tossing about?

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