zambi (mazambi)1NG3sinUnadyamanya zambi mwe duniya, naukaathawwe akhera.When you do a sin in the world, you will keep on being tortured in the hereafter.Kila zambi dina athabu yake.Each sin has its torture.Ni zambi kudya nguluwe.It's a sin to eat pork.This noun can be in NG3 or NG5 with apparently no semantic difference.2NG5sin(s)Kila zambi ina athabu yake.Each sin has its torture.Kila zambi zina athabu yake.All sins have their torture.3NG3crime(s)Kengira zambi gani?What crime did he commit?Kwingira zambi gani? -- Singira zambi za ubavi / za kukoma / za ngono.What crime did you commit? -- I committed crimes of robbery / of murder / of sex.4NG3wrongdoing(s)Mta kuzangaza kazi yake ni kuzangaza wantru wadya wakupatikana na zambi.A flogger's job is to whip people who are found in wrongdoing.5NG3trouble(s)Wasumsi piya wengira zambi.Abettors also get into trouble.

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