m- (mu-, mw-)-1VTpfxhimSimtogola (yeye).I like him.Mogohe Mnungu! / Mogohe!Fear God! / Fear Him!Naunga kumtowa.I want to beat him up.m- > mw- / ___VThis prefix references NG1 third person singular objects.2VTpfxherSimpenda (yeye).I love her.3Vpfxit insideSimtogola mno / mmo.I like it in here / in there.Momo mna meza.In it there is a table.Mna Wabantu wengi mwe Afrika.There are lots of Bantus in Africa.Mno mdani namkahata.In here, I hate it. This prefix also marks singular subjects and objects of 'inside' NG9.4NG1pfxsingular marker on NG1 and NG2 nounsm- > mw- before vowels

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