aDef NG1/3/7/9theA wana we bule.The kids are naked.Nadya a matunda.I'm eating the fruits.Mayonda yano yanidira a malembwe.These monkeys ate the zucchinis on me.Wanidira a malembwe.They ate the zucchinis for me.a kabuga / a wabugathe rabbit / the rabbitsSiserusa a mazi / a madyani.I boiled the water / the tea.Kanidala mwa (a) mayega.He touched me on the shoulders.Wabalanga a mazi.They spoiled the water.A kabuga sikadya miye.The rabbit, I was the one who ate it.In rapid speech mwa + a > mwa.This is the augment or definite article for NG1, NG3 and NG7 plurals, as well as NG7 singular and NG9 hantu 'specific place'.

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