ha-1Vpfxit (place)Hazuka mbeho.It's blowing (in a specific place).Sihatogola hano. / Sihatogola.I like this place. / I like it.Sihakahata hano. / Sihakahata.I hate this place. / I hate it.Sihatogola. -- Hahi? -- Hano.I like it (place) -- Where? -- Here.Mahali hano hanisumbula. / Hanisumbula.This place bothers me. / It bothers me.Hano hachimalika.Here is standable.Hasi hano hana simole.This ground has dampness.Takayunga habalangwa. [only said if speaker is in Takayunga]Takayunga [village] has been ruined.Afmithou hana wantru wadyehe. (only said if in or near Afmidow.)Afmidow has few people.This is the subject and object verb prefix for NG9 (near).2NG9pfxplace nearHasi hano hana simole.This ground has dampnessSihatogola hantu hano hose.I like it, all this place.This is the NG9 near prefix. It can be used on any proper noun to mean at so-and-so's.

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