u-2Vpfxyou (sg)Kuntu kudya ukalonga kwi kuhi?Where is the place you are talking about?Ukalonga!Keep (on) talking!Ukadyenda!Keep (on) walking!Ukadya!Keep (on) eating!Sono umume!Don't mumble!Una alama.You have a scar.Ukagona na mvere tumiya mpira!When you sleep with a woman, use a condom!Sigambirwa use kwita kwe skulu.I was told for you to not go to school.u- > w- before a vowelSecond person singular subject prefix u- varies with ku-, depending on the tense and aspect. Ku- is used in the unmarked aorist and definite past (in na-); u- is used in the definite present (in a-), 'go, keep on' (in ka-), the future (in na-), negatives, when-clauses in ka-, and in relative clauses and commands.

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