hadya (-dya)DemNG91that (specific place)Kushinda kwanza hadya.You won that first prize/place.Mahali hadya he kuhi?Where is that place?Hadya ni hani?Whose is that place?Hantu hadya ni hedi.That place is nice.Hantru hadya haiha.That place is bad.Hadya hose haiha.All that place is bad.Si hadya.It's that place (pointing).Si hadya. It's not that place.The two examples of si hadya, with completely opposite meanings are due to two different verbs: si.2thereE hadya hasi.She is down there.Nyose mwi hadya.You all are right there.kaihasike hadya nkhazu yangu!Go hang my t-shirt up there!Kazibe kolongo diya hadya!Go plug that hole there!

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