i1VLocSt NG2/51isNyumba i kuhi? -- I hano. / I kudya.Where is the house? -- It's here. / It's there.Simu yangu i mnanga mwe meza.My phone is on top of the table.Farasi i meso.The horse is alive.Honde i hano.The farm is here.Nyumba ino i moto pwii!This house is really hot!i + uko > iyukoThis form is the base for all Linking Verbs. Specifically, it is the singular Locative/Stative Verb for NG5 and the plural Locative/Stative Verb for NG2. See also: chi, di, e, ke, kwi, mwi, ni, u, vi, wi, we, ye, zi.2areMicheka i kuhi? -- I hano.Where are the mats? -- They're here.Misango i meso.The worms are alive.Mitwi ya wabuga i chimsanga.The heads of the rabbits are brown.Mifufuko iyuko.Resurrections are there. = Resurrections exist.

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