ka-3V > Vpfx1goKanitagire!Go sell for me!Kagone!Go sleep!Kadye!Go eat!Kasome!Go study!Kakoze!Go pee!Nderi ineza, nachikahande naho.When the rainy season comes, we'll go plant again.Katowe kona ya u kumoso!Go take the corner on the left!Afrika aho kale nahaina mihaka, kwa ivo wantru nawakadyenderana. (Arbow)Before in Africa there weren't any borders, so people would go visit each other.Tafadhali, hita kanisoere gari dyangu.Please, go get my car for me.Sakumlombeza.I went there and seduced her.Dyero sakudahuira leni imwenga ya maswischad.Today I went there to cut dead leaves off one row of Swiss chard.Sakudya Nampa.I went and ate there in Nampa.Sakugula masanamu wanangu wasezigire.I went there to buy toys for my kids to play with.ka- + ku- 'there' > aku- 'went there' Ka- occurs after the subject prefix and before the object prefix, if any. It requires the subjunctive suffix -e when in commands or the future (see: kwita).2keep (on)Ukalonga!Keep (on) talking!Ukadya!Keep (on) eating!Ukakoza!Keep peeing!Sono ukahembereza kama mvere!Don't keep on pleading like a woman!Ukadyenda mwendo!Keep (on) walking fast!Nadaha nkaduka kila siku kwa sabu nna imani yake.I can keep praying every day because I have faith in it.Mkafosa!Keep leaving!When meaning 'keep on', ka- governs the indicative unmarked suffix -a.3used toNanikaputa.I used to smoke.Nanikanywa.I used to drink.Nanikamgambiriziza.I used to translate for her.This marks past habitual. It is indistinguisable from the past progressive in ka-, except by context.

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