tako (matako)NG31buttockKakahata kutungwa singano mwe di tako.She hates getting poked with a syringe in the buttock.2buttNhonyesa tako (dyako)!Show me your butt!Ana chapa mwe di tako.She has a mark on the butt.3assSika tako dyako hasi!Put your ass down!Chinga tako dyako nikudyere dole!Hold out your ass so I can finger you!Yonda aona tako dya mnyawe lakini i dyake hakudiona male.A monkey sees his companion's ass, but his own he doesn't see it at all. (Proverb meaning: one sees the faults of others, but not one's own.)See: kuchingira tako.The second example above is vulgar and disrespectful.4bottomNdoni yangu tako dyake ni batabata.My skiff's bottom is flat.

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