farasi1NG5horse(s)Nasigala farasi.I rode a horse.Igala farasi yako!Ride your horse!Farasi zakwerana.The horses are mating.Sipakira i farasi.I loaded [the pack saddle on] the horse.Farasi i meso.The horse is alive.Farasi zi meso.The horses are alive.Farasi si ino.Here is a horse.Ino ni farasi.This is a horse.Farasi si zino.Here are some horses.Zino ni farasi.These are horses.Farasi i hano.The horse is here.Farasi zi hano.The horses are here.Afuga farasi.He's taming horses.mchira wa farasi / michira ya farasitail of a horse / tails of horsesSee: mfarasi.2NG3humongous horse

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