ha- (si-, hu-, hachi-, ham-, hawa-)-V > VNegpfxnot, -n'tHatogole banti diya dimanyasi.He doesn't like that green door.Hamtogoleni nyose male.He doesn't like you all at all.Hadikalumira.It isn't hurting.Hutogole unyolo udya mdyihi?You don't like that short necklace?Nachiro hukugona male.At night you're not sleeping at all.Nimbwani weye hukwita?Why are you not going?Nahachigonire male.We didn't sleep at all.Hachigona male.We're not sleeping at all.Hachigone male.We'll not sleep at all.Hachiwatogole.We don't like them.Hamkudya zaidi male.You (all) aren't eating much at all.Hamdire zaidi male.You (all) haven't eaten much at all.Nahamgonire.You (all) didn't sleep.Ham(u)dye zaidi male.You (all) won't eat much at all.Nahawagonire.They didn't sleep.Hawatogole buku diya dihundu.They don't like that red book.Wantru wengi wanasola chintru hawadahire kuvuza.Many people when they take something don't know how to give it back.Hano hahakuchimalika.Here is not standable.Simanyize.I don't know.Hamanyize.He/she doesn't know.Hachimanyize.We don't know.Hawamanyize.They don't know.Mwaliko hana upole.Mwaliko doesn't have gentleness.This is an initial prefix, but it comes after initial na- nonpresent. The verb stem on which ha- occurs is followed by nonassertive -(ir)e in the aorist and definite past in na-. The six persons have the following forms: S1 si-, S2 hu(ku)-, S3 ha-, P1 hachi-, P2 ham-, P3 hawa-.

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