bwinda (mabwinda)NG3butt-shaking dance and ritualMwavina mbwani? -- Chavina bwinda.What are you dancing? -- We're dancing the butt-shaking dance.Mwe di bwinda wavere wadumula vigudi zaidi.In the butt-shaking dance women are twerking a lot.Bwinda divinigwa nechiro.The butt-shaking dance was performed last night.This is a traditional dance and ritual done by women at the end of a girl's seclusion time after the start of her first period (i.e., kukula). The dance is done by relatives and close friends of the girl, and no men are supposed to be around. The women are almost naked with very short skirts, and they dance shaking their behinds vigorously. The girl is given a special woman's belt (i.e., bambo) and womanly advice. There is also a public form of the dance, in which both men and women dance but the women still shake their behinds a lot.