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ta-Englishprefix indicating transitivity changeThis prefix operates on intransitive verbs to change them into transitive ones, as in ráp (torn) and tarápái (tear something). In one case it also changes a transitive verb into an intransitive, as in pásang (remove, unhook) and tapásang (separated). With some combinations there does not seem to be any change in transitivity, as in rabut/rapti and tarabut/tarapti (pull something out). The cross references list some of the verbs that occur with this prefix.a-3tagomlaktapángángtapángnitapásangtaránsitarusáitakotsai; tamutái; tapálas/tapálsi; tapuki; tarabut/tarapti; tarápái; taruhi
ta-i1transitive verbSursalsi mai hat án ángángasEnglishsharpen; fileTok PisinsapimKang kelel án kas lamas a tai ái Tomailgel mák tuan inan má.My knife for scraping coconuts Tomailgel sharpened it and it's now very sharp.ángas/ángsi
ta-i2transitive verbSurtalkaiEnglishtighten; pullThis is appropriate for pulling a rope to make it secure and keep it from loosening.
tabamodifier1Surpakta; lalaEnglishbigThis term is frequently used in a phrase followed by a possessive pronoun then a verb, as in taba_kán_toltol (big his energy, i.e. he is really active).Má sángul mai aru á hat er a kábutkis i bat, dikte merei mai toltolom hat a taba mátán i di. (Apa 21.19)And those twelve stones that were the foundation of the wall, they decorated them with various stones whose price was great.Taba Lokontaba lultaba ngudun2SurmaránEnglishmanyThis word is used to mean 'many' when referring to things like fish bones, roots of vegetables, fibers in food.
Taba LokonidiomSurtilik ngisánEnglishDevil; Satanbig tusksWhile Satan is used for Satan's name, Taba_Lokon is used specifically to mean the Devil.lokon14.9.7.2Christianity3.5.3.1Wordinteresting idiom; lotu
taba lulalienable nounEnglishinsect type; ant typebig headAnother kind of mur they call taba_lul. This ant’s head is big resulting in them calling it taba_lul (big head). And when it bites, the site of its teeth/bite hurts a lot. It house-builds on the ground around the base of trees. The work of this ant is to bring-gather those bits of food that fall to the ground and it then takes it to its house.mur2lulung1.6.1.7Insectinsect
taba ngudunidiomSurworwor sáksák; para saksaknaiEnglishspeak badly of; speak evil ofhis mouth is bigÁi Marburus a lu lain kuluk mam di á tan wák er. Má inái má ngo a tur i nagogon suri ngo a táu alar kán pup, ki ák taba ngus di má ur on. Di para te wor rakrakai ur on.Marburus is usually very nice to those women. But today when she was courted because she fled from her husband, then they spoke badly of her. They spoke very strong talk to her.ngudung3.5.1Sayspeak
tabakaualienable nounEnglishmatThis is a mat woven from coconut leaf with the woven part on both sides of the rib, like a double
tabar / támrisyncopated verbEnglishgive; present to; feedTok PisingivimThis verb is often followed by mai (with). The implication of this word is to give away with no expectation of having the item returned.tariartabartabar peksai4.3.9.1Customanthro
tabar bulunánátbulunánátalienable nounEnglishfeast typeIn this feast type, if the feast is given by clan A, then those who were fathered by members of clan A sit inside the men's house. Those outside shut them into the men's house by closing the door and windows or putting up a mat over the doorway. They do not eat when the rest of the people are eating, but later after all the people outside have eaten. One pig is marked for these people in the men's house; it is eaten with chunks of coconut or talis (nut) or damau (nut). Root vegetables are not eaten with it. The pig must be completely finished before they are allowed to leave the men's house, and sometimes dirt is sprinkled on the pig or put into the food served with it. This gives the feeling of giving disgrace to those who eat in the men's house. They sahi (pay for) the pig with shell money or cash; one person's contribution would be about K20-50 in cash or one string of reu (shell money).longsit4.3.9.1Customanthro
tabar peksa-itransitive serial verbSurlain támri mai namnam ák paktaEnglishoverfeedfeed softenThis implies feeding a person so much he becomes fat.Ái koner a lala sut kabin ái koko a lu lala támri mai lain namnam. A kis i lalin ololoh si koko mák lu lala tabar peksai mai namnam.That one is really fat because my uncle greatly fed him with good food. He sat under the care of my uncle and he greatly fed-softened (overfed) him with food.peksai1; tabar/támri
tabaranalienable nounSurkesá matngan mingal ngo milEnglishdance typemingal4.2.4Dancedance
tabatabaalienable nounEnglishidol4.3.9.1Customanthro
tabirintransitive verbSurlala marán kápate arwat suri arahiEnglishwealthy; gluttedThis verb is followed by mai (with) and implies a fullness of good things.I taul hu kán bihi tungu, tan bihi no di u pasi tan kálámul dik tabir mai ani bihi má kápdite áslai matpám.Previously during the breadfruit season, all the breadfruit produced resulting in people were glutted with eating breadfruit and they did not experience hunger.bessiusiu maisolatabir
tabualienable nounEnglishpitpitTok Pisinpitpit5.2Foodfood
tabuninalienable nounEnglishtailTok Pisintelláprán tabuntabun bor2.1Bodybody part non-human
tabun boridiomSurtalka dolon worEnglishtalk a long timepig's tailThis represents the incessant moving of a pig's tail. It implies a person who takes a long time to say what he wants, so does not finish quickly. This term is frequently used of what happens at a meeting that goes on and on for a long time.minokwor amatibor13.5.3.1Word3.5.1Sayinteresting idiom; speak
taburengintransitive verbSurlala sák i bál; merok i holhol; táit a long sáksáknai kak liu má kápate arwat suri ina elai, ngorer iau lala kis án hol suri; sák i hol suri táit a tapam hutEnglishdisappointed; sad; unhappy; upset; troubled; worried; miserableTok PisinsoreTabureng is worry about what's currently happening to oneself, and may contain an element of frustration at not being allowed to do something you want to do. It implies unfulfilled expectations. A person who is tabureng is unable to do anything because he's upset, or if he does do something it will not be the right way. The term tapunuk, actually a Kuanua word that is frequently used in Sursurunga, is equivalent to tabureng. Tinang is sadness or worry about something that's already happened (as after a death). Bál_sák implies being upset but not necessarily angry. This generic term for 'upset' includes being sorry, sad and regretful. Sák_i_bál also implies upset, sadness and regret. And tang_i_bál implies a sad expression on one's face but without outward crying.Kálámul a tabureng i kán hol suri bor a kokon ami kán pokon. Ai na ser pas te táit mul uri tángni kán liu?A person is upset/troubled in his mind about a pig who roots around up in his garden. Where will he find some other things to help/provide for his life?konngeksák i bálsirtang i báltapunuktinangatabureng3.4Emotionemotion
tagaraalienable nounSurkesá matngan mingal ngo milEnglishdance typemingal4.2.4Dancedance
tagomlakargomlak, gomlakargomlakgomlakintransitive verbSurarsok i sosopasEnglishdislocatedÁi Tomutmut a pur tili aun bu mák liksai keken i kabin bu pasi ák tagomlak á sosopas i páwán má kápate lu láklák kuluk má.Tomutmut fell from the betel nut tree and bumped/banged his leg at the bottom of the betel nut resulting in his hip joint was dislocated and he is not walking well now.2.5.1Sicksickness
Taguralienable nounEnglishSaturdayTok PisinSarere8.4.1Period of timetime
tah1alienable nounEnglishwoman fromThis word is usually followed by the name of a village, area, or some other locality, as in tah_Iudáiá (woman from Judea, Jewish woman).kono-2Personperson
tah2intransitive verbEnglishwave the handThis motion is used for waving someone off or signaling him to continue on, but is not used for stopping a crowd talking.7.2Movemotion
tah diktitransitive serial verbSurkápti ák dikEnglishtie tightlytie stronglyA mákmák ngoro kak reureu á munang i nahlán ái Toubu. Ai má sár a kipi til ái er ák tah dikti imunang i nahlán?It looks like my belt over there on Toubu's waist. Just where did he get it from that he has tied it tightly on his waist?adiktitahi3