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tasimalienable nounEnglishimportant woman; prominent woman2Personperson
tastasalienable nounEnglishjellyfishThe tastas lives out in the ocean, and it has tentacles. There are many kinds of tastas. This thing doesn’t have bones, and if a person brushes against it, then the tastas causes itchiness. It has its times/seasons/cycles when we will be able to see it.keuken6.4.5Fishingmarine life
taswa timan-itransitive serial verbEnglishexplain accurately; give reasons for; justify one's actionsexplain straightentaswai3.5.1Sayspeak
taswa-itransitive verbEnglishexplainTanián a tari ur singin te má dik mánán tusi holhol si Káláu má taswai singin matananu. (1Ko 12.8)The Spirit gives to some and they know accurately God's thinking and explain it to people.ataltalsa2pálpálásatalas/atalsai; para atalsai; para inngasi; para tumani; pálási; pirak/pirki; utung timanitaswa timani3.5.1Sayspeak
tataalienable vocative nounEnglishDaddyTok PisinpapaThis term is used to address one's father, an intimate term, much like the English 'Daddy'.kakangkang24.1.9Kinshipkinship
tatah1unspec. var. oftahtah
tatah2intransitive verbEnglishrub two pieces of wood together to make a fire
tatalenalienable nounEnglishcustom; way of doing things; behaviourTok Pisinpasin; kastamThis refers to actions observable by others as opposed to emotions, thoughts and feelings. One's tatalen reveals one's ninsin (personality, character). This term is appropriate to refer to the customs and practices of an entire people, or to the ways and behaviour of a single individual.ninasninsingsápkin tatalentatalen ngoro pap4.3.9.1Customanthro
tatalen ngoro papidiomSurtaba kán ararit siari; lala hustap suri araritEnglishpromiscuous; insistent on having sexways/behaviour like a dogsursur ngoro pap
tatar kalarintransitive serial verbSurhul kári wák ur káiánEnglishdown paymentgive blockThis is the first part of the brideprice given to a girl's parents to seal an engagement. This removes embarrassment and the couple can then be seen together. The final part of the marriage process is called the aratalas. tar káritari4.3.9.1Customanthro
Tataualienable nounEnglishclan name (Malai moiety), clanclan
tataunintransitive verbEnglishheaviness; burdened emotionallytaun3.4Emotionemotion
tatáralienable nounSurkesá matngan isuEnglishfish type; sea perchTatár, why it is just a banat (sea perch), however this banat, because its body is horizontally striped, therefore they call it tatár. There are two different kinds of the tatár. One kind of body/color is a bit white and horizontally striped with yellow, and one is off white also its color however it is horizontally striped with red. This fish also has scales. They travel in groups and they live along the reef. They eat small fish and small crabs too. And it is a good fish for eating.
tatuk / tatkisyncopated verbEnglishlift upTok Pisinapimduruk/durkitatuk pasi7.2Movemotion
tatuk pas-itransitive serial verbEnglishlift up to getlift getThis term is used of the action of lifting up the meat of shellfish to remove it from its shell.pasi1; tatuk/tatki
tau1alienable vocative nounEnglishaunt; uncle's wife; mother-in-lawTok Pisinmama bilong meri bilong yuThis term, often preceded by a possessive pronoun, is both the vocative and reciprocal term for the wife of one's koko (uncle). While this term is used by males for mother-in-law, a woman uses another term for her mother-in-law (ianang). Its use without the pronoun is also allowed, especially as a vocative, when the referent is known in the context. This is a two-syllable word, ta-u or tawu, but Sursurungas prefer spelling it tau. arakán tauianangkak taukán tau4.1.9Kinshipkinship
tau2alienable nounEnglishstone typeThis is a large stone suitable for use in mumuing.hat21.7Nature, environmentnature
taubaralienable nounEnglishwind from the eastThis is the east wind, blowing from the east where the sun rises.kihkihmátán taubar1.1.3Weatherweather
taulinalienable nounEnglishseasonTok Pisintaim bilongThis word refers to a period of time, usuallly several weeks or months long, characterized by a weather or growing event or even a war. It is followed by the specific season being referred to, as taul_ráin (rainy season) or taul_matpám (hungry season). This is different than kálgun (particular plant's season for bearing fruit).taul itoltaul mastaul matpámtaul minas8.4.1Period of time1.7Nature, environmentnature; time
taul itolalienable nounSurpákánbung a kápte te namnamEnglishhungry seasontaul matpámtaul mastaul minas8.4.1Period of timetime
taul masalienable nounSurpákánbung a marán i namnamEnglishfull season; season of plentytaul minastaul itoltaul matpám8.4.1Period of timetime
taul matpámalienable nounSurpákánbung a kápte te namnamEnglishhungry seasontaul itoltaul mastaul minas8.4.1Period of timetime
taul minasalienable nounSurpákánbung a marán i namnamEnglishgrowing season; season of plentytaul mastaul itoltaul matpám8.4.1Period of timetime
taululalienable nounSurngisán kubauEnglishplant typeThe taulul is a thing that grows and crawls along the ground putting down roots. Its leaves are small and round. This thing grows among the coconut groves, and if there are no betel pepper leaves, then they get the leaves of this plant and they chew them with betel nut and powdered lime. (Additional information: Taulul leaves are used in curing lul_pos (headache, migraine).)1.5Plant2.5.7.2Medicinemedicine; tree/plant