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tám arlamalienable nounEnglishguideThis term is used of someone whose job is to lead a person to someone else, for example John the Baptist pointing/leading people to be ready for the Messiah.tám12Personperson
tám arsarasalienable nounEnglishrescuer; Saviourone who rescuesPákánbung a hut á kámnah ada Rábául, bos tám arsaras di saras pasi tan kálámul tilatung uri lite kuir má ngorer kápte kes tili di a hiru i kámnah.When the fire (volcano) happened in Rabaul, the rescuers rescued people from there to another area and so not one of them was injured in the volcano.Tám Araliutám14.9.7.2Christianity2Personlotu; person
tám arupalienable nounEnglishsoldierone who fightstám12Personperson
tám bumbum matalienable nounSurkálámul a lu gong kári namnamEnglishgluttonone who fills his mouth (until he) diesbumbum mattám13.5.3.1Word2Personinteresting idiom; person
tám dahilalienable nounEnglishmagicianone who knows white magictám latlatkám sáksákmátsáksáktám wahtám12Person4.3.9.1Customanthro; person
tám dar worworalienable nounEnglishexaggeratorone who who adds to the truthtám1dari2Personperson
tám dákalienable nounEnglishspirit typeone who uses torchesThis is a spirit being who emanates light from his armpits. He is the subject of a well-known Sursurunga legend.dák2tám1tesit4.3.9.1Customanthro
tám gol basalienable nounSurkesá matngan isuEnglishfish typeone who has sex with ratsThe tám_gol_bas is a kurur (soldierfish), but it is the smallest of all the kurur. Some of their colors are red and striped horizontally with white, and some are striped horizontally with black. And it has big scales and its fin stands up. And also its jaw bone is sharp like the edge of a knife and it cuts with it just like the kurur. If it cuts you, that place it cuts will hurt a lot. This fish lives on the reef. They eat it.kururtám1goloi1.6.1.5Fishfish
tám himhimnaalienable nounEnglishgardener; farmerone who works/gardenstám12Personperson
tám hushustámhushusalienable nounEnglishwind from the southone who keeps blowingThis is the south wind, blowing from inland off the jungle.puluskihkihmátán kihkih tám hushusmátán tám hushustám11.1.3Weatherweather
tám káraalienable nounSurkesá matngan isuEnglishfish typeThis fish is like the kurah (rock cod), however its scales are a bit bigger and they are tough. Its color is also like the kurah. It lives along the opening to sandy areas. And it eats small fish like bikbik (blenny) and sangsang (clownfish). Sometimes it catches small crabs to eat them. It is good food.tám11.6.1.5Fishfish
tám lah káhkáhalienable nounEnglishdance composerone who originates the káhkáh dancekáhkáh4tám1tám lah saksaklahi4.2.4Dance2Persondance; person
tám lah saksakalienable nounEnglishsong composerone who originates a songsaksak1tám1tám lah káhkáhlahi4.2.3Music2Personperson; song
tám lahaualienable nounSurkálámul a lu kis kalbánEnglishunsettled personone who keeps moving housetám12Personperson
tám latlatalienable nounEnglishhealer; shamanone who does white magictám dahilkám sáksákmátsáksáktám wahtám12Person4.3.9.1Customanthro; person
tám leleklelekalienable nounEnglishleaning treeThis refers to a tree that does not have enough roots to hold it uprightlektám11.5Planttree/plant
tám mánánalienable nounEnglishknowledgeable person; expert; wise personone who knowskámlementengnaintám12Personperson
tám minminokalienable nounEnglishshowoffone who talks incessantlyThe implication of tám_minminok is that of an uneducated showoff, one who acts like he knows something when he really does not.minoktám1tám minminok mat2Personperson
tám minminok matalienable nounSurtaba kán wor; tabun borEnglishbabblerTok Pisinmauswaraone who talks (until he) diesminoktám1tám minminok2Personperson
tám nagogonalienable nounEnglishjudgeone who judgestám12Personperson
tám namnam matalienable nounSurkálámul taba kán namnamEnglishgluttonone who eats (until he) diestám13.5.3.1Word2Personinteresting idiom; person
tám ngákngákalienable nounEnglishrebel; criminalone who rebelstám abulbultám12Personperson
tám pukpukdaalienable nounEnglishtranslatorone who translatestám12Personperson
Tám Pulpulus Tánráualienable nounEnglishMost High God; Almighty Oneone who overthrows gods/spiritstám1tánráu14.9.7.2Christianity3.5.3.1Wordinteresting idiom; lotu
tám ráuráuwasalienable nounSurkálámul a lu mátutEnglishfearful personone who is afraidtám12Personperson