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tutkumintransitive verbEnglishstumble; stub one's toeTok Pisinbamim pingapunch toekum2tuti
tutnganintransitive verb1Sursámtur onEnglishdepend onTan kálámul di lala wor suri long namnam uri pasbat i rumán sasam kabin ngo akte taul matpám má, má ngo ai má da kip te namnam til ái uri pasbat. Má ngorer te á kálámul dik parai ngo tu er i rais gita sawi má kipi. Di parai ngoromin ngo git matpám, ki tutngan i rais gita huli má sawi ur on á pasbat.The people were talking a lot about the meal/feast for opening the clinic because it is already the hungry season, and from where will they get any food for the opening. And so some people say that there is rice we can cook and take. They said like this that we are hungry, so depend on rice we will buy and cook for the opening.2Surlongoi táit pasi arsupanEnglishearnThis includes the ideas of doing something for wages or for a reward.Tan kalilik di him tutngan singin kálámul erei kabin ái na hul sál di ur Kavieng suri saksak. Di him rakrakai ngorer suri nák long arwat i sál di.The guys worked for a reward from that man because he will pay for their trip to Kavieng for singing. They worked strong like that so that he would fulfill/provide their way.
tutritransitive verbSurdukliEnglishsupport; propThis is support as a pole holds up a sagging washline or as a brace strengthens a house.Kak pal a lek i bát nabung pasi iak tutri mai got suri ák tur nokwan.My cook house, the storm yesterday made it lean resulting in I propped it up with bamboo so it would stand straight.biknái; dikloi; dukul/dukli6.5.1.1Househouse
tutuar pedopedotám tuar pedopedoalienable nounEnglishinsect typeThe tutuar_pedopedo is also one of the rohon_bát (flying creature) and it has wings. This thing they travel in a group. The tutuar_pedopedo is like a small butterfly. In proverbs/sayings from Sursurunga it says like this. To finish (get rid of) them and they will not swarm, then (they have the children) pull up the laplap from their bottoms and moon (expose their bottoms) to them and then they (tutuar_pedopedo) will leave. The kápkám (swallow) and (other) birds they very much like to eat them. Like that too the small bek_musmusing (Horseshoe Bat), they like to eat the tutuar_pedopedo. tuar1.6.1.7Insectinsect
tutumataalienable nounEnglishorcaJust a rohrohiah (dolphin), and that one which is very, very big. The tutumata lives in the very, very great deep. They don’t very often see them together with rohrohiah that travel together. (Additional information: This is not strictly a fish in Sursurunga thinking, but in a class by itself with the dolphin.)rohrohiah6.4.5Fishingmarine life
tutun1intransitive verbEnglishcook (generic term)Tok Pisinkuktuni25.2.1Food preparationcooking
tutun2intransitive verbEnglishfesterThis refers to a sore festering under the skin without yet breaking through.pim22.5.1Sicksickness
tututtransitive verb taking on1Surbásái kápán got i hunEnglishdrive a stick into something for ripeningGama tutut i hun inang i bang má gamák putai suri nák pim.You should push a stick into the banana (stalk) that is over in the men's house and then hang them up so they will become ripe.susuk/suski2SursisdoiEnglishpush; forceÁi rung er di bunbun suri worwor mam komiti, pasi dik tutut i iau ngo á iau ina worwor mai.Those guys are afraid of speaking with the headman, resulting in they pushed me that I would speak with him.
tututitransitive verbEnglishbeating; hittingMái sár tám kip takis er a kálik tur tepák má kápate saktádái aur urami bát. A tu tur mai rumrum iatung má a tinang i bál, má ngorer a tututi bongbongon mák parai ngo, "Káláu, á iau á tám sápkin á minái. Una mámna iau!" (Luk 18.13)But that tax collector stood a little far off and he did not raise his face up toward heaven. He just stood with shame there and his stomach was sad, and so he beat his chest and said that, "God, me I am an evil person here. Have mercy on me!"tuti