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talka rápsa pas-itransitive serial verbEnglishdrag forcefullypull out getThis implies taking another against his will and forcefully dragging him away.pasi1; rápsai; talkai
talka-itransitive verbEnglishpullTok PisinpulimWhen used in a serial verb construction, this verb typically occurs non-finally followed by another verb indicating the result of the pulling. See the preceding entries for some examples of these and the following entry for an idiom using this word.saki1artalka
talkai suk i án pogongidiomSurlala kátlán; talka pasi mai worwor án totor; kálámul a mur i lite má kápte a ngoi i bál suri hanEnglishdominate; force another against his willpull the rope on his neckhustapputai suk i án pogongak pogong
talngangtalngamtalngátalngáninalienable nountalngamtalngántalngá gitEnglishmy earTok Pisinia bilong minamnamin uri talngánngoro rokoi i talngántaling2talngán paptasi talngán2.1Bodybody part human
talngán papalienable nounEnglishocean plant type or soft coraldog's earaun táit án loltashat2talngang6.4.5Fishingmarine plant
talsa-itransitive verbEnglishclarify; explainTok Pisinkiliaimpara talsaitalasatalsai3.5.1Sayspeak
talsáninalienable nounEnglishlighttalastalsán nas1.7Nature, environmentnature
talsán nasalienable nounEnglishsunlightsun's light1.7Nature, environmentnature
talsirintransitive verbSurtotol; kápte sangarEnglishwaste time; lateTok PisinhambakTan rung iatung di tu bokoh be, kápdite nem ngo da sangar mai kubau má giták lu ioh pala. Di lala talsir mák mat má kámnah. Má ngo da lala totol, ki anges má gita lu ioh, má muni má i iát á nas?Those who are still absent, they do not want to hurry with the wood and let's mumu away (mumu and be done with it). They are very late and the fire has died. And if they are greatly delayed, then when will we be muming, and/since the sun is now straight on top?alisninisriris2totol8.4.1Period of timetime
taltalintransitive verbSursaliuEnglishstroll; swing around; going back and forthTok Pisinkam raun; wok long go i kamThis is what a ship does for docking or an airplane for landing.Tan kalilik erei kándi tu saliu besang, má anges má da lu kip palai á bor erei uramudi? Dikte parai si di ngo da lu kip palai má, mái sár ngo kándi tu taltal besang.Those guys are still wandering around, and when will they take that pig away (take it and be done with the job) upcoast? They have already said to them that should take it and be finished, however they are still just strolling around.7.2Movemotion
taltaladengintransitive verbSurtungai longoi lite táit besangEnglishdisobedient; doing something other than what one is supposed to be doingThis word denotes doing one's usual activities, not thinking about anything in particular; it also carries the idea of wasting time instead of getting the job done, and possibly the idea of procrastinating. This carries the idea of, rather than cooperating or obeying, just going one's own way and ignoring what one should do.Tan kálámul kandi tungai longoi tan lite táit besang, má kápdite nem suri ngo da lu sangar má suri saksak. Di alatung sang kandi tu taltaladeng be i kandi tan kuir malar má tu kápte kálámul be á main.The men are still just doing other things, and they do not want to hurry for singing. They are out there somewhere just doing their thing still in their own areas and there are no men here yet.taladeng
taltalasintransitive verbEnglishlightening; clearingThis includes both the ideas of becoming lighter in the sky, as when dawn is breaking, or the dawning or return of mental clarity.talas1.7Nature, environmentnature
taltalikusintransitive verbSurligáiEnglishcurled upThis describes a person lying in a fetal position, or a snake curled up.Nabung iau lu hanhan uri kesi tiling kanih a tu ligá páksi anang i risán sál. Má pákánbung iau mákái, ki iak hol on ngo boh purpur di tah talmi suri da osoi. Má ngo iau lain tiktikon suri mák timani, ki iak mákái ngo tiling kanih a bop taltalikus pagas má kápate kálik malmaliu.Yesterday I went along to a large snake who was curled up remaining down beside the road. And when I saw it, I thought it was trash they had swept together to burn. But when I peeked at it well to see it accurately, then I saw that it was a large snake lying curled there and it was not (even) moving slightly.ligá2.1Bodybody act
taltalisa-itransitive verbSurarisaiEnglishwrap around; coilThis is what a snake might do on one's arm or on the ground.Tungu i rahrah iau rui kesi lala dolon suk anang i kon. Lala dolon suk er a sal gut tili tekesá sip. Iau kip pasi má iak lápka páksi inang i kabin kubau. Iau taltalisa páksi suri namur ina kip pasi ur main i malar.Previously in the afternoon I collected a very long rope down on the beach. That very long rope probably flowed/came from some ship. I took it and threw it to stay down at the base of a tree. I coiled it up so that later I could bring it to here in the village.arisai; talwai
taltaliuintransitive verbEnglishrevolve; spinTok Pisinraun rauntaliutaltaliu i mátán
taltaliu i mátánidiomSurkálámul a áslai ngo na pur kabin dárán kápate him kuluk má a ngoro tan táit a mákái a hol on ngo a malmaliuEnglishdizzyhis eye is spinning2.5.1Sicksickness
taltalpenalienable nounSurbim a tuan kanakEnglishmud; wet groundThis term implies a source of water under the ground which keeps it wet.pen1lolon taltalpen1.7Nature, environmentnature
taltalsa pokonidiomSurhaunges pasEnglishchange one's positionchange one's areaThis is typically said when one is tired of sitting in a vehicle or chair for a long stretch and asks to stand or get out or take a break. It is used as a euphemism to ask for a toilet break.taltalsai7.2Movemotion
taltalsa-itransitive verbSurhaunges pasEnglishchange; take a breakataltalsa1taltalsa pokon
talumintransitive verbEnglishgathered; togetherThis is the intransitive counterpart of the syncopated transitive verb talum/talmi, and it is usually the final member of a serial verb construction. The preceding verb(s) indicate how the gathering occurred or in what way or for what purpose the group has come together. When used alone, it often refers to sexual intercourse.Pákánbung ngo di ol kámnah mai tan kuir kubau, ki tan kuir kubau erei di aradum talum iatung i kámnah. Kámnah kápnate inan ngo tan kuir kubau minái kápdite sosopas talum.When they build a fire with pieces of wood, then those pieces of wood they join/place together there on the fire. A fire will not light up if these pieces of wood are not joined together (close together or touching each other).Ngo di mákái kesi wák má kesi káláu diar lu bop i kes sár á rum, ki dik lu hol sáksák uri diar ngo diar talum, a sálán ngo diar ararit.When they see a woman and a man who are sleeping in just one house/room, then they think badly (are suspicious) about them that they are together, meaning that they are having sexual relations.tiklikaradum talumarartalumbárau talumbop talumhau talumhomhom talumkis talumworwor talumtalum/talmi4.1Relationshipsrelationship
talum / talmisyncopated verbEnglishgather; togetherMá kesi bung namur, ái Iesu a bin talmi kán sángul mai aru á kalik án aratintin uri narsán suri na tarwa di dák arbin suri lolsit si Káláu má suri dák araliu. (Luk 9.1-2)And another day, Jesus called together his twelve disciples to him so he could send them off to preach about God's kingdom and to heal.Kalilik, taba kán mos á kálámul erei. Koion gama toktok alahi. Ngo gama sokoi bál, ki na tas talum gam.Children, that man has a lot of anger. Don't you irritate him. If you irritate his stomach, then he will spank-gather you (spank you all together).tikliknaikilkila talmikip talmiru talmisak talmiwás talmilam talum/lam talmi; pam talum/pam talmi; talumnai