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tanelaalienable nounEnglishtype of white yam5.2Foodfood
taniangtaniamtaniátaniáninalienable nountaniamtaniántaniá gitEnglishmy spirit; my shadowTok Pisinsipirit bilong mitanián armongohtanián hirutantanián2.1Bodybody part human
tanián armongohidiomSurtanián kápate hut tili tekesi táit; angagur án mákmákEnglishspirit not associated with any specific person or thing; false vision or sightingspirit of the airtesit4.3.9.1Customanthro
tanián hirualienable nounEnglishspirit of someone killedspirit of injuredThe significance of this spirit is that he remains in the location where he was killed.tesit4.3.9.1Customanthro
tanián sitalienable nounEnglishshooting starspirit of a thingThis is a large shooting star, lighting things up significantly. Some Sursurungas believe this kind of shooting star indicates that someone will soon die.gogontuhmátmátiahsit11.7Nature, environmentnature
tantanmodifierSurtoltolomEnglishvarious kindsThis is the reduplication of tan (pluralizer), but has a slightly different meaning.tan
tantaniáninalienable nounEnglishimage; reflection; picture; photo; drawing; representationThis can include not only outward appearance, but also personality, mannerisms, both internal and external qualities.A kipi tantanián ái kákán.He got his father's image/representation (he is just like his father in every way).Ái Paulo a kis mona Sailas mái Timoteo á Aten. Má ák lala sák i kán liu suri mákái ngo a lala marán i tantanián bos káláu on á malar erei,... (Apo 17.16)Paul remained waiting on Silas and Timothy at Athens. And his life was greatly bad (he was very upset) by seeing the very many images of gods in that town,...málálármámáhatpukrontártárwántaniang
tantantanintransitive verbSurkápate láklák nokwanEnglishstaggering; weaving back and forthThis can be caused by sickness, drunkenness, or being newly awake.tukul tukul7.2Movemotion
tangintransitive verbEnglishcryTok PisinkaraiFor humans, tang means crying, but otherwise it simply means to make a noise appropriate to one's natural character or species. So children, dogs, chickens, and bells all tang, but the child is crying, the dog is barking, the chicken is clucking or crowing, and the bell is ringing.wor sirartangsapánpán kán tangtang bintang i báltang siaritangtangtangis/tangsi2.1Bodybody act
tang binintransitive serial verbSurparai táit i pákánbung a tangEnglishcry and talk at the same timecry shoutWák imunang kán tu tang a lu parparai ngo ái kán pup di wahi suri kuir bim si kákán er a otoi mahal on. Ái á imunang a lu tangtang bin mai.That woman down there who is crying keeps on saying that her husband they sorcerized him concerning the parcel of ground of his father's that he inherited (from his) estate. Her down there she is crying and talking with/about it at the same time.2.1Body3.5.1Saybody act; speak
tang i bálidiom1Sursák i bál suriEnglishsad; compassionate; grievinghis stomach is cryingFor differentiation of terms meaning ‘sad’, see tabureng. Tungu i Sade ái pasta a tuan sák i bál suri matananu án lotu kápte di han no suri lotu. A mákái ngorer ki ák tang i bál suri tatalen ngorer di longoi á tan kálámul.Last Sunday the pastor's stomach was very upset about the church people they did not all go for worship/church. He saw that then his stomach was crying (he was sad/grieving) about that kind of behaviour the people did.tabureng2Surlala laesEnglishextremely happy causing tearsTan kalilik di mil i mingal anang Likas di pukdai kándi mermer án mil ák arwat mai dánih a parai á Buk Tabu, má gárán mingal a arwat mai pinpidan. Má pákánbung iau mákái, ák tang i balang mam di kabin til tungu di lu lala mil i táit a agasgas pasi lite tanián.The young men who danced a dance down at Likas turned/changed their dancing decorations they became like what the Bible says, and the dance song was equal/consistent with the talk/Word. And when I saw it, my stomach cried (I was extremely happy) with them because since previously they greatly/always danced the thing that praised a different spirit.3.4Emotionemotion
tang siariintransitive verbSurkápate mur kuluk i kaungán saksakEnglishoff tunecry unknown2.3.2.2Soundsound
tangan / tángnisyncopated verbEnglishhelpTok Pisinhalipimarartanganartangantangtangantur tángnitangan pasi alari
tangan pasi alar-itransitive serial verbEnglishredeem; ransomhelp someone away from somethingGit no sang gita párnga Káláu er Konom káián matananu Israel, suri ákte hut sosih má ák tangan pasi kán matananu alari kángit kis án kamkabat, má a asengsegeng i git. (Luk 1.68)All of us let us praise God that Lord of the Israel people, because he has come down and has helped his people away from (redeemed his people from) their sitting in bondage, and he freed us.pasi1; tangan/tángni4.1Relationships4.9.7.2Christianitylotu; relationship
tangiralienable nounSurkesá matngan isuEnglishfish typeThe tangir is just like the mot (barracuda), its length and its size are just alike. And this fish has scales. And it lives out in the deep. It kills small fish to eat them. They (people) eat this fish. Its meat is tough like the meat of the raprapu (tuna).
tangis / tangsisyncopated verbEnglishcry fortang
tangkabinintransitive verb and modifierEnglishbegin; firstTok Pisinsitatimkátkátumturpasi
tangloninalienable nounSuridi katbánEnglishdepthsThis can be the depths of earth, ocean, river.Tan isu di lu liu ada i kahkahlangit kabin ngo di long di suri ngo da liu sang i tanglon tas. Má git á tan kálámul kápte.Fish live out in the deep because they made them (they were made) to live in the depths of the salt water. And/but us people not.kahkahlagit1.7Nature, environmentnature
tangna-itransitive verbSurlamiEnglishlead; set an exampleThe implication of tangnai seems to be that one leads another to something but also goes along with him, as a guard leading a prisoner. It is appropriate to use of one leading another into wrongdoing or a bad habit.Wákánkak er a rau kápate arwat suri ngo na láklák masik suri lotu. Pasi tan kalilik átlái dik lu lami suri lotu. Má namurwai lotu, ki dik lu tangna kaleng on uri kán rum.That old woman who is blind is not able to walk alone for (going to) church. So the young women lead her for church. And following church, then they lead her back to her house.
tangra-itransitive verbEnglisharound; along; among; throughoutTok PisinbihainimMá tan tám ololoh bor di mákái ngorer má dik táu. Di han má dik para sarai iatung i bimán rum erei má tangrai tan malar mul, má marán kálámul di han suri mákái, má di hut si Iesu má dik mákái kálámul erei tungu a káng mai sápkin tanián. (Mar 5.14-15)And the caretakers of the pigs saw that and they fled. They went and proclaimed it all over there in that town and around the villages also, and many people went to see, and they arrived at Jesus and then saw the man that previously was filled evil spirits.Má unák mákái ngo bos táit no diara nem on a arwat uri kándiar láklák má káp diara te sáhár sur tekesi táit tangrai sál. (Tit 3.13)And you should see that everything they two want is sufficient (supplied) for their journey and they will not lack for anything along the road.Kaiau ngo a nem i kákáh, ki a lu kakas i bim suri oboi pasin ki ákte kas tahni mák lu táu alari. A lu longoi ngorer tangrai kabin kubau a bures.The bush fowl when it wants to give birth, then it digs in the ground to place its eggs, then when it has covered them it abandons them. It does that among the bases of trees that are rotting.hol tangrai; longra tangrai; mák tangrai