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tangtangintransitive verbEnglishcrying; soundingThis can imply continuous or on and off crying.A támin ngo bos tatalen erei a tangtang kuluk uri talngán kálámul ngo a lain tatalen án lotu,...Ái sár kápate tángni kálámul suri na kátlán i nemnem káián kápán páplun. (Kol 2.23)It is true that those customs sound good to a person's ears that they are good church customs,...However they do not help a person to rule/control the desires of his body.tang2.3.2.2Soundsound
tangtanganintransitive verbEnglishsupport; helping frequentlyTok PisinhalipimThis is the idea of frequent or repeated help.sotsottangan/tángni
tap-itransitive verbEnglishfanThis is the motion one does with a teptep (coconut leaf fan).7.2Movemotion
tapam1intransitive verbEnglishascend; climbTok Pisingo antapsihtapam huttaptapam7.2Movemotion2alienable nounEnglishtop8.5Locationlocation
tapam huttapamutintransitive serial verbEnglisharrive; happenTok Pisinkamapascend arriveThis implies the idea of `arriving by ascending', but is frequently used in a very generic sense. It may also imply the appearance of something which has been hidden. For contrast with other synonymns see hut. hut17.2Movemotion
tapamutunspec. var. oftapam hut
tapálas / tapálsisyncopated verbSurulátiEnglishstretch out; open up; spread out; widen; expandTok Pisinsiteretimcause to be untied, loosenedThis may be used of stretching out one's arm, or of a flower opening its petals,táplaspálas/pálsi7.2Movemotion
tapángángintransitive verbSurkápte a patapEnglishgaping; detachedBali nil on á kip er a duk imuni iátin kip tilanang. Kápte a patap, a ngoro a tapángáng be, pasi unák bali nil on má lala básái suri nák patap kuluk.Nail again that horizontal beam that is (barely) touching up on top of the beam from/on the down coast (side). It is not attached (securely), it is like it is gaping still, so you should again nail it and really pound it so it will be well attached.pángángtapángni
tapángnitransitive verbSurpati nák pángángEnglishopencause to be gapingThis term is used to describe the mouth of fish, the openings of baskets, and shellfish when they are open.Pati be i kam rat nák pángáng má inak mákái. Una lain tapángni sang suri inak lain mákái, kápte be iau lain mákái.Open up your basket now so it will be gaping and I will see (inside) it. You should open it well so it I can see it well, I have not yet seen it well.tapángáng
tapásangintransitive verbSurhau pas tili sosopas; arsok pas tili sosopasEnglishseparatedSosopas imuni i kip ákte hau pas, kápte má a sosopas kuluk. Iau mákái til main ngoro ákte tapásang má.That joint up on the horizontal beam has separated itself, it is not now joined well. I see it from here (it is) like it has separated.pásang/pásngi
tapeka1Tok Pisinalienable nounEnglishtobaccoTok Pisintapakburus
tapeka2alienable nounEnglishpawpaw; papayaTok PisinpopoThis is an old word that is rarely used now, having been replaced by mimia or the Tok Pisin popo. 5.2Foodfood
tapelukintransitive verbSurlala merok mák duelEnglishweakThis implies being tired and sick, without strength.Nabung a lala merok mák tu duel i on ái koner. Iau hol on ngo a matpám gut pasi ák tapeluk i páplun.Yesterday that one was very tired and his body was just limp. I thought that he was probably hungry resulting in his body was weak.2.5.1Sicksickness
tapiokalienable nounEnglishcassava; maniocpatalbong5.2Foodfood
tapriuintransitive verbSurilang kaleng; kalengEnglishturn and go back the way you've come fromThis verb can be followed by suri (for). To tapriu is equivalent to making a U-turn, and when used of one's life or spirit, it implies a life change.Tám arbin a parai gamáte lala han tepák má alar Káláu, a kuluk ngo gama kaleng uri narsán suri nák asengsegeng i gam. Gama tapriu sur Káláu kabin ngo lain liu er a kis áklis na tari si gam.The preacher said you have gone far away from God, you should return to him so he can free you. You should turn around toward God because the good life that exists forever he will give it to you.aririuilangtapriu kaleng7.2Movemotion
tapriu kalengintransitive serial verbEnglishturn backturn returnilang kaleng4.9.7.2Christianitylotu
taptapalintransitive verbEnglishfaded
taptapamintransitive verbEnglishascendingA támin muswan sang ngo gama mákái naul bát na pasbat, má tan angelo si Káláu da lu taptapam má dák lu sososih, má Natun Kálámul a ngoro sál tan angelo di lu láklák on. (Ioa 1.51)It is true indeed that you will see heaven will open, and God's angels will be ascending and descending, and the Son Of Man is like the road the angels are walking on.tapam7.2Movemotion
tapuk-itransitive verbSurabopbopoi táit uradi bimEnglishcollapse; uprootThis is the action of the wind or a machine that uproots or collapses a tree or house.suhipuki2
tapulintransitive verbEnglishrespectfully; shamefacedlyThis implies a bowed head.dirtapul
tapunukintransitive verbEnglishsad; upset; worried; disappointedFor differentiation of terms meaning ‘sad’, see tabureng. sák i báltaburengKálámul án Tapunuk3.4Emotionemotion
tar1alienable nounSurbim er a mirikEnglishred mudTok Pisinretpela graunThis is used for rain making and also for dying a kámgu's (girl initiate's) hair at her presentation.1.7Nature, environment4.3.9.1Customanthro; nature
tar2alienable nounSurngisán kubauEnglishtree typeThis is a tree with small fruit, the inside of which is used for red dye.1.5Planttree/plant