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tarkipun1alienable nounSurkuir kubau uri kipi kipkipEnglishpole used for suspending something onkipun2transitive verb taking onEnglishsuspend on a pole for carryingThis word is seen by Sursurungas as a noun and it is always defined that way, but, indicating the flexibility of the Sursurunga language, it can also be verbalized. Unlike typical on verbs, however, it does not require i preceding direct object noun phrases. This may be to hang one's basket on one end of a pole and lay the other end on your shoulder, or to tie a pig to a pole to be carried by two people.Iau kipi á kuir kubau tilatung má iang kipi kak rat balbal mai. Iau tarkipun kak rat balbal mai kabin a tilik rat balbal sang.I took a length of wood from there and I carried my basket of root vegetables with it. I suspended my basket of root vegetables with it because it is a huge basket of root vegetables.7.3.1Carrycarry
tarnga-itransitive verbSuroboi uben suri tolai táitEnglishput out a netThis is can done in the jungle to catch a wild animal as well as in the ocean or river to catch fish.Kalilik, gama han mai uben má gamák tarngai iamuda i suan pas te isu ur ángit.Guys, you all should go with a net and put it out out in the sandy area getting some fish for our food/meal.6.4.5Fishingfishing
tarngitransitive verbSurkápte te wán; lawaiEnglishfruitlessly; wasted; in vainTok Pisinbaim natingA tu lawa git sang i han ur main i rumán sasam má kapte te kotlin marasin. Git tu tarngi láklák i dolon sál erei ur main.Coming here to the clinic and there being no medicine just wasted us (wasted our time). We just walked fruitlessly that long road to here.kereh1oksam
tartar1intransitive verbEnglishgivingtartar kalartartar mostartar ngultartar retrettari
tartar kalarintransitive serial verbSurtari duk sang; lala rakrakai i bál suriEnglishdeterminedkeep on giving blockingGengen kalik iatung a tari duk sang suri mur i kákán ur Namatanai. Páksiai sang má nák usni rain iamudi tangrai sál kábin a tartar kalar sang suri han.That small child there was very insistent concering following his father to Namatanai. Even though it was going to rain upcoast along the road (it didn't matter) because he was determined to go.tartar1kalar/kári3.4Emotionemotion
tartar mosintransitive serial verbEnglishmock; cause angerkeep on giving angersokoi bálsoksokoi bálsuski nitántartar retrettok angarngaritokoi nitánalahi; alahlahi; asoksokoi; bit sokoi; tok alahi; toktok alahimos1tartar1
tartar ngul transitive serial verb taking onSurlongoi ngoro kálámul káp kán te mánánEnglishstupid; foolishkeep on giving crazinessWák erei a lu omon páksi ái kán pup iatung i malar má kán pup masik sang a lu saliu. Káp sang a tini nem ngo diara lu saliu tiklik ái kán wák. A lu lala tartar ngul on sang.That woman, her husband leaves her (and she) remains in the village and her husband alone goes around. He definitely does not want that he and his wife will go around together. She acts very foolishly.tartar1
tartar retretintransitive serial verb1Englishteasing; jokingkeep on giving jokingThis sense is to tease and joke with someone to his face. Either sense is typically followed by mai (with) or si (to).Má morongnau iatung a pil i mansin i di má di ngátngát sálán, ngorer te tili di di tungai gálgálta keskeskes i di ngo, "A káplabin tili dánih á táit minái?" Ái sár te di tartar retret singin boh tám ruruna má dik parai ngo, "Wa di ngulngul mai dan rakrakai." (Apo 2.12-13)And the huge crowd there were greatly surprised and they wondered about its meaning, so some from there were asking among themselves, "This thing comes from what?" Howeve some made fun of the believers and they said, "Why they are drunk with strong water (liquor)"2Englishmock; taunt; gossip; scoffWhile ret (tease) is a fun joking thing to do, so a good practice, this sense of tartar_retret is not a good practice as it causes shame and embarrassment. This includes both gossiping and joking behind someone's back and mocking someone to his face.Má tan tám arup mul di tartar retret mai, má ngorer di tari wain a maptal singin suri nák nginmi, má dik parai singin ngoromin, "Ngo iáu á kabisit káián tan Iudáiá, ki una aliu pas iáu sang!" (Luk 23.36-37)And the soldiers also mocked him, and they gave him bitter wine so he would drink it, and they said to him like this, "If you are the king of the Jews, then you should save yourself!"tartar mostartar13.5.1Sayspeak
tartar tumalienable nounEnglishgoal; score; gameThis is used of making a goal in soccer, or of giving or showing the answer to a riddle. It's also the name of a game where two people or two teams complete to be the first to accomplish something like slingshotting a bird. The one to do it first presents it to the other, signifying that he has won. The other is then obligated to repay with a bird he has shot.tum1
tartaralintransitive verbEnglishlying (?)3.5.1Sayspeak
tartaram korotEnglishechotámtár1.7Nature, environmentnature
tartaringtransitive verb taking onSurtalka walwal káriEnglishtabooThis is typically done to an area where betel nut is growing to keep people from climbing there so the betel nut can grow and mature. One does not do this to a coconut grove; one uses gorgor for that. This can also be combined with sorcery to harm any person who crosses the walwal (vine used for tabooing a tree or area).Kalilik dikte talka walwal kári á poron bu inang. A tartaring on sang ái kono káián á poron bu suri nák mon i wán. Onin a kápte wán kabin di lu bal sari.The guys have pulled walwal vine blocking/across the betel nut grove down coast. That one who owns the betel nut grove tabooed it so there would be fruit. Now there is no fruit because they repeatedly climb (and take) it.gorgor1tam14.3.9.1Customanthro
tartinohintransitive verbSurpongpongEnglishtoo shortÁi kauh iau dos palai suri tár pas tekesi dolon kubau uri ungán pal, ki ák han tár pasi bul i kes a kuir. Má pákánbung ngo gim oboi i ungán pal ki ák tu tartinoh má kápate arwat.My son I sent off to chop down a tall tree for the cook house roof, so/but he went and chopped down a short one instead. And when we put it on the cook house roof it was too short and it was not enough/adequate.pongpongtingákák
tarutransitive verb taking onSurtáilEnglishahead; firstThis verb only occurs as the final member of a serial construction following verbs which define what is being done first or ahead. It can carry the implication of a plan.holhol tarumánán taruworwor taru
taruh pas-itransitive serial verbSuraptur pas mák táuEnglishleave; depart; slide awayslide getIau lu hanhan urami kak pokon nabung má iau banai kesi tiling kanih a tu ligá páksi ami kabin kubau. Ki iak long pasi kesi hat má iak básái mai mák taruh pasi ák táu sol uri nián i polgon hat.I was going along to my garden yesterday and I met up with a large snake who was lying coiled at the base of a tree. So I got a stone and pounded (the snake) with it and (the snake) it slid away fleeing and entered into its place inside a rock.pasi1; taruhi
taruh-itransitive verbSurtalka pasiEnglishslide out; pull offThis includes taking something out of a kuán (sheath), like a knife.Gáh anang a kai i aun kubau, tan kalilik dikte taruhi tilamuni aun kubau má inang i bim má ák lu bop ái.That vine down there that was caught in the tree, the kids pulled it off the tree and it's laying down on the ground.sasiruhi; taruh pasi
tarusáirusáirus-áitransitive verbSurluk sara noiEnglishtear down; break apartUsed of tearing down a house or fence.Ái komiti a parai singin tan kálámul ngo da tarusái bang inang Nábut, kabin bang inang ákte putun má, mákte eran suri da taráp sarai.The headman said to the men that they were to tear down the men's house at Nábut, because that men's house was rotten now, and was ready for them to tear it apart.sá rusái; tarápái6.5.1.1House7.9Break, wear outbreaking; house
tarutalienable nounSurkesá matngan isuEnglishfish type; PorcupinefishThe tarut is like the máimái (pufferfish), however it has spines, and the máimái does not have spines on its body. If they poke it then it swells up. It lives in the shallows and also in the deep. It bites coral getting the moss to eat it. Some times it catches small crabs to eat them. It’s color is off white.
tarwa pala-itransitive serial verbEnglishsend off; send away; ship offsend removeThis is not ordering someone but rather sending him off with his cooperation to do something.dos palaitarwai
tarwa-itransitive verbEnglishsendTok Pisinsalimartarwatarwai turngantarwa palai
tarwai turnganidiomEnglishdoing magicsending off power4.3.9.1Customanthro
tasalienable nounEnglishsalt water; saltTok Pisinsolwara; solsol2danloltaslontasman án tas1.7Nature, environmentnature
tas-itransitive verbEnglishspank; beatTok Pisinpaitimup/ubiartastasi talngán
tasi talngánidiomSurworwor a kusak uri talngánEnglishhearspanked his earÁi Kiapbang a longrai ngo kán rum dikte osoi ái kalilik má ák tuan sák i bál suri. Arbin erei a tang sáksák uri kán alalongra. Pákánbung a be tasi talngán i arbin erei, ki ák lu han suri gálta pasi tan kalilik suri dáh dik osoi kán rum.Kiapbang heard that his house the guys had burned it and his stomach was very upset about it. That news cried/sounded bad to his hearing. When that news spanked his ear (reached him), then he went to question the guys why they burned his house.talngang3.5.3.1Wordinteresting idiom