apep-ei1transitive verbSurakiláng on suri tur kelsenEnglishbequeath; mark as heir; make special; blessThis can be used to refer to the time before death, as in referring to a will, or the actual receiving of the inheritance after death. Traditionally, when a child was apepei, his relatives decorated him with reu (shell money), prepared a feast, and marked him as a special child. This is not a well-known word today.Gamáte talas uri tatalen er suri kalik a apepei ái kákán suri na otoi tan minsik si kákán. (Gal 4.1)You already understand about the custom when a father marks as his heir a child so he will inherit the wealth of his father.4.1Relationships4.3.9.1Customanthro; relationship

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