mur2alienable noun1Englishinsect type; ant (generic term)Mur is the big/generic name that covers two kinds of things that crawl. One kind bites, and one urinates in the eyes of the thing it crawls on. Some of the names of those that bite are like this: murmis, lor, taba_lul, kan, pidiklos. And those who urinate in the eye of the thing they crawl on are like this: mur, pátluek, lor, murmis. The behavior of all those mur is like this. If those creatures are there where you are standing or on the tree branch that you are holding on to, or they come to bite you and you brush them off, then all their friends nearby and those that are far away also, they all will come to bite you or urinate in your eye.Ant typeskanlormurmispátluekpidiklostaba lul2Englishant typeThe mur is a ground crawler just like the pátluek, however it is black in color. Its size is just like the pátluek. It house-builds in the ground and along the base of trees. The work of this mur is to bring-gather those bits of food that fall to the ground and take them to its house.

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