ngatalienable nounSurtalar; tatalen; táitEnglishbusiness; responsibility; inclination; opportunity; behaviourNgat seems to have a number of uses along a continuum between the meaning 'required' and the meaning 'desired'.Dáni á kam ngat á mainái?What is your business here?Koner a tám ruruna má a kis án toptop, koion na hol agengen i kán konom. Auh, na tari rumrum uri narsán sang mai kunlán bál. Má ngorer kápnate mon i kándi te ngat suri para bengtai ngisán ái Káláu má aratintin er git ruruna on. (1Ti 6.1)That one who is a believer and is still a servant, he should not think-small (look down, denigrate) his master. No, he should give respect to him with his entire stomach. And therefore there will not be their inclination/reason to say-badly God's name and that teaching we believe in.himtalarlong noi ngat4.1Relationshipsrelationship

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