taránsitransitive verbSurtarápáiEnglishtear; openThis verb can be used to indicate dawn breaking, i.e. the sky lightening but no visible sun yet, or the sky/clouds opening for the sun to come through.Gim tu lu ser suk ngo gima puti uri kinber má nák sari bu mai ái kauh, ki gimá tarápái kak laplap má gimá puti uri kinber. Gim tu taránsi sár i gengen sepen til on á kak laplap.We were just looking for vine/rope that we could tie into a footstrap and the boy can then climb betel nut with it, so then we tore my laplap and we tied it into a footstrap. We just tore off a small length from my laplap.Ngo di mákái ngo a talas má tilanang, ki dik parai ngo ák taránsi kuron má á talas.When they see that it is light from down coast, then they say that the light is now tearing open the darkness.báng i arasatarápáiránsi7.9Break, wear outbreaking

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