arturintransitive verb1Englishstandartur kalartur12Surrupi kálámulEnglishpierce; stickThis verb is used of things that stick people or pierce the skin, as the spines of a stonefish or the thorns of a tree or vine, because they tur (stand out from the body of what they are located on).Pasi má nuh diar á aru isu a lu artur. Ngo kálámul a top sáksák on mák lemlebar á isu minái, ki na rupi limán kálámul.The rabbitfish and the stonefish are two fish who pierce. If a person grasps badly (does not hold firmly) this fish and it flops around, then it will rip open the person's hand.rupi; susuk/suski7.8.3Cutcutting

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