tang i bálidiom1Sursák i bál suriEnglishsad; compassionate; grievinghis stomach is cryingFor differentiation of terms meaning ‘sad’, see tabureng.
Tungu i Sade ái pasta a tuan sák i bál suri matananu án lotu kápte di han no suri lotu. A mákái ngorer ki ák tang i bál suri tatalen ngorer di longoi á tan kálámul.Last Sunday the pastor's stomach was very upset about the church people they did not all go for worship/church. He saw that then his stomach was crying (he was sad/grieving) about that kind of behaviour the people did.tabureng
2Surlala laesEnglishextremely happy causing tearsTan kalilik di mil i mingal anang Likas di pukdai kándi mermer án mil ák arwat mai dánih a parai á Buk Tabu, má gárán mingal a arwat mai pinpidan. Má pákánbung iau mákái, ák tang i balang mam di kabin til tungu di lu lala mil i táit a agasgas pasi lite tanián.The young men who danced a dance down at Likas turned/changed their dancing decorations they became like what the Bible says, and the dance song was equal/consistent with the talk/Word. And when I saw it, my stomach cried (I was extremely happy) with them because since previously they greatly/always danced the thing that praised a different spirit.3.4Emotionemotion

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