aratalasintransitive verbSurparai suri dák mánán on; longoi suri dák mánán onEnglishannouncingThis is used of the final 'work of marrying', i.e. paying the last of any brideprice and removing any embarrassment in being seen together as husband and wife. The previous first payment, if any, is called tatar_kalar.
I pákánbung ngo di arakila i káláu má wák, ki i pákánbung sang erei diar lu tari pirán tabal uri kándiar aratalas. Wák a lu tari pirán tabal singin rang buhán káláu, má káláu na tari pirán tabal singin rang buhán wák. Diar longoi ngorer suri dik mánán on ngo diar má te kila.When they marry a man and woman, then at that very time they two give money for (as part of) their announcement. The woman gives money to the man's relatives, and the man will give money to the woman's relatives. They two do like that so that they (everyone) know that they two are now married.talas4.3.9.1Customanthro

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