arkabatintransitive verb1SurkáptiEnglishjail; arrestKalilik, tatalen án mismuk i sápkin mismuk, di lu kamkabat suri. Tan kuir sulu di lu arkabat suri ngo dikte talas uri sinih a lu longoi ngorer.Guys, the behaviour/act of smoking bad/illegal cigarettes (marijuana/drugs), they put (people) in jail for it. The police arrest for it when they know who is doing that.2Surarabuhán pasiEnglishjoined; yoked; made one; covenantThis is used of outsiders who become part of a local clan and fully participate in all their activities as a full fledged member of that clan. This term is used also to mean 'make a covenant'.Ngo kálámul tili lite pokon a han kis i katbán i git, ki a mon á tan kálámul di lu arabuhán pasi má ák ngorer i kándi mát sang, kálámul er di arkabat pasi uri mát er.When a person from another place comes and lives among us, and there are people who take him as their relative and it is like (he is) in their clan, that man they accept him into that clan.arkabat kalengkabat/kápti4.3.9.1Customanthro

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