ngiuk i bálphraseSursák i bál suri; kápate gasgas i bál suriEnglishhurt feelings; resentful; upsethis stomach is hurtingThis is the idea of being hurt by something that someone did, but keeping it inside rather than confronting the person who did it. One might be asked to do something he is not happy about doing, but he goes ahead and does it anyway with hidden anger inside.Pákánbung gam parai ngo tan wák da lu top i ahat á ololás ur on á long namnam ami aratintin, ki marán a sák i bál di. A ngoro a ngiuk i bál di kabin ngo a taul matpám má on á pákánbung minái, má ai má da kip te namnam til ái uri ololás?When you all said that the women should grasp/bring four coconut milk (packages) to the feast at the school, then many (of them) their stomachs were upset. It is like their stomachs were resentful because it is the hungry season now at this time, and where then will they get food for coconut milk cooking?sák i bál3.4Emotionemotion

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