tur i bahinidiomSurtángni; arakrakai on; tur tiklik maiEnglishhelp; stand with; supportstand at his backThis is equivalent to the English idiom 'I've got your back!'Ái Towalaun a tangan tuán i parai ngo kápte a siksikip, pasi ák sengsegeng tili nagogon. Má ngo kápte na han tur i bahin ái tuán ái Towalaun, ki na han sang suri kamkabat suri kán siksikip.Towalaun helped his brother by saying that he did not steal, resulting in he was free from the law/court. But if Towalaun had not stood at his brother's back (supported him, verified what he was saying), then he would indeed go to prison for his stealing.tur singinbahingtur1

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