tari lul sur-itransitive serial verbSursorai rangrangasEnglishstrive for; refuse to give up on; determined togive his head forThis includes giving oneself to a particular job or to learning something one is determined to know. It also includes the possibility of risking pain or suffering to accomplish a goal.Pákánbung a bam i kángim rum, gim no gim táu so tili rum. Mái sár ngo kesi gengen tuang gim balantahni ami rum. Má ngo a mákái ngorer ái tata, ki ák rut kaleng uri rum er a bam mák duruk pasi gengen tuang urmain i malar. A tari lul suri saras pasi tuang tili kámnah.When our house was burned up, we all exited-fled from the house. However one of my small brothers we forgot him in the house. And when Dad saw that, then he ran returning into that house that was burning and lifted-got my small brother (and brought him) to here in the village (outside). He gave his head for (was determined to) rescue my brother from the fire.lulungsuri13.4Emotionemotion

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